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About Griggs Equipment Company

Griggs Equipment Company was founded in 1997 by father and son Tommy and William Griggs in Cullman, Alabama. We began by refurbishing and servicing restaurant equipment. In 1999 the company moved to Birmingham, Alabama and expanded our operations to selling used grocery store fixtures and refrigeration equipment. In 2001 the company returned to Cullman, Alabama and shortly after Tommy Griggs retired and William assumed the supervision of the company operations. We have continued to expand our operations to include working with companies to remove and recycle their commercial refrigeration units through our refrigeration recycling program. With the GEC Super Market Asset Recycling Team we are helping to increase companies landfill diversion and reduce the carbon footprint left on our planet.


Reasons to do business with GEC:

  1. 27 years of experience buying, selling, hauling, and recycling grocery store fixtures and restaurant equipment.
  2. Family owned and operated.
  3. We can pick up anywhere in the United States.
  4. Proven experience working with various companies to remove and recycle equipment.
  5. We are committed to sustainable practices and ensuring all equipment and by-products are disposed of properly.
  6. Thorough knowledge of various grocery store fixture and restaurant equipment types, sizes, and brands.
  7. There is no job to big or to small and no piece of equipment we can’t find!
  8. Integrity - At GEC integrity is not just a word it's a committment made by our entire staff throughout all business transactions.



Griggs Equipment Company’s mission is to enable our customers to perform their core business flawlessly as it relates to our products and services. This consistency and dependability is the cornerstone of our operations and has been the key to our success in all areas of business.


Meet our Team

William Griggs

President and CEO

p: 256-734-4202 


Joy Griggs

VP of Warehouse Administration


Brandy Shadix

Administrative Assistant


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